International Ikebana Event: Sogetsu Ikebana Art in Plovdiv, May 16-19, 2019

The first international ikebana event in Bulgaria by Sogetsu Sofia Study Group with the special participation of Master Instructor Eikou Sumura and Yuka Ohkubo from Japan.

An exhibition, demonstration and six ikebana workshops took place in Plovdiv, the European Capital of Culture 2019, on 16, 17, 18 and 19 May 2019.

The Sogetsu ikebana art project was part of the official program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019, Focus: Japanese Culture.
The project is organized by Miracle Ikebana and is supported by
EU-Japan Fest Foundation.

When: 16 -19 May 2019

Where: Plovdiv Cultural Institute, Plovdiv 4000, 5 Ivan Perpeliev Str.

Sogetsu Ikebana Art Exhibition

The exhibition Sogetsu Ikebana Art aimed to present the art of ikebana to a wide audience in Plovdiv.
It consisted of one great unique authoring installation of our Japanese guests Mrs. Eikou Sumura and Mrs. Yuka Ohkubo, as well as compositions of prominent members of Sogetsu Sofia Study Group and Miracle Ikebana, the ikebana teachers Miroslava Ivanova, Gergana Gerova, Maria Koleva, Bogdana Neykova and their students.

The exhibition was officially opened on May 16 at 18:00 with an attractive demonstration of Mrs. Eikou Sumura and Mrs. Yuka Ohkubo.

The exhibition lasted till May 19th until 17:00.

Ikebana workshops "Let's make our first Ikebana together"


On May 19 (Sunday) there were two workshops on ikebana "Let's Make Your First Ikebana together".

They were led by Master Instructor Mrs. Eikou Sumura and gave the opportunity to the participants to make their first ikebana and to touch to the beauty of this art.

The workshops were attended by all those who wanted to experience the happiness of creating with flowers and learn more about Japanese flower arranging.

During the workshops, each participant was provided with a special vessel for ikebana, kenzan, scissors and flowers for work.

Upon completion of the workshop, the participants took the flowers they worked with.

On May 19, two workshops on Ikebana took place: from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00.

Program of Sogetsu Ikebana Art

16 May / Thursday / - 18:00 - Official opening of the Sogetsu Ikebana Art Exhibition with a demonstration by Mrs. Eikou Sumura. The exhibition until May 19th.

17 May / Friday / - 10:00 to 17:00 - Workshop for Ikebanists / Advanced

18 May / Saturday / - from 10:00 to 17:00 - Workshop for Ikebanists / Advanced

19 May / Sunday / - from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00 - Workshops for Beginners.



About Eikou Sumura Sensei:

Eikou Sumura is a unique ikebana artist, renowned for her use of a diverse range of natural materials beyond the usual fresh flowers and plants.
Flower petals, fallen leaves and branches from roadside trees have all been featured in her acclaimed works, noted for the way they "renew life", bringing otherwise discarded or neglected plants back to life as beautiful ikebana art for everyone to enjoy.
She has made it her lifework to introduce people around the globe to the Japanese art of ikebana, and has made extensive trips on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to countries the world over.
She is a Master Instructor and RIJI at the Sogetsu Headquarters, Trustee of the Sogetsu-kai Foundation, Special member of the Japan Ikebana Art Association, Trustee of the Ikebana Society, and Full Member of the Japan Design Space Association.
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